Private-label Manufacturers of Water-based Nail Polish

What We Offer

Our water-based nail polish is as safe for humans and our planet as modern technology will allow.

So, if you have considered introducing a water-based label into your line of cosmetics, you are in the right place.

We recognize the ever-evolving needs of a successful marketing program and are dedicated to fulfilling your needs at every stage of development, whatever they might be.

  • You might want to begin with a pallete of your own colors: we will custom match whatever colors you choose.
  • Your trial testing might require only a few hundred bottle of each color: we will make those small batches and bottle and label them for you.
  • As your trial marketing expands, your needs will grow to require multiple gallons of each color: we will scale up our production volume and arrange for packaging multiple hundreds or thousands of bottles at our sister facilities.
  • As your sales grow from there, we will keep pace with you at every step.

You can count on us to give you what you need when you need it.


Mad River Science is a cosmetic manufacturer exclusively producing water-based nail polish. With nearly 20 years of gradual improvements and refinements and with extensive feedback from world-wide sales, our polish can now boast performance equal to or better than the best available lacquer polishes.

A partnership with Interpolymer, a subsidiary of Zschimmer and Schwartz Cosmetics, the manufacturer of the resin used in our polish, allows us to offer our nail polish for private/white label sales to the cosmetic industry. Their steadfast commitment as our supplier offers tremendous advantages in this age of unreliable, intermittent supply of raw materials by insuring a constant and timely source of resin, the key ingredient in our formulation.