• Non-toxic: Our polish contains nothing more than water, acrylic resins, a water-soluble co-solvent and FD&C-approved pigments. If an ingredient is not listed on our label, it is not in the polish, period!
  • Appearance in the bottle: The resin we use is an emulsion and therefore imparts a milky appearance. Upon drying, however, it forms a clear, very glossy film.
  • Odor: The solvent in our polish is water and so, unlike traditional polishes that must use strong, stinky solvents, ours is very nearly odorless.
  • Application: The polish flows from the brush to apply evenly with little effort, and with a luxurious feeling, then levels to form a uniformly flat film with zero brush marks.
  • Dry time: Dry time ranges from 30 to 60 seconds and is strongly influenced by temperature and humidity. Mar and scratch resistance begin to develop immediately thereafter allowing you to use your hands for normal tasks and then reach their maximum values in a matter of several hours.
  • Durability: Treat this polish with care for the first few hours after it is applied and you will be rewarded with scratch and chip resistance comparable to that of the best lacquer polishes on the market. (Our patented primer doubles this chip resistance. However, the active adhesion promoter in the primer cannot be sold in the EU where all ingredients are required to be INCI listed).

Want Proof? Ask us for a sample pak.

  • Clean nails with remover until they squeak.
  • Apply one coat of color. Allow to dry until tack free.
  • Apply a second coat of color if needed. Allow to dry until tack free.
  • Apply one coat of topcoat. Allow to dry until tack free

Polish will become resistant to cold water in 10-15 minutes, resistant to hot, soapy water in 1-2 hours and durably hard after 2-3 hours. Maximum scratch resistance is achieved in 6 to 8 hours.

  • Apply a thick layer of remover.
  • After one minute, remove loosened polish with rough paper towel.
  • Repeat if necessary.