• Colors: You can make up your color palette from over 300 standard colors or we will work with you to design you own palette of custom colors.
  • Topcoat: Adds an extra layer of durability and extra high gloss.
  • Remover: Ethanol-based gel designed specifically to easily remove our polish.
  • Primer: A patented formula that doubles the chip resistance of any color. Not available for sale in the EU.
  • Custom Color Matching: We will match any colors you choose from the simple French manicure translucents, through the full range of single and mixed-color enamels to special effects.
  • Start-up Assistance: We recognize that new projects must begin with sampling for market trials and therefore offer small batch and packaging capability ranging down into the tens and hundreds of bottles per color.
  • Large-scale Production: As you continue to grow, we can handle your need for larger production runs through our partner contract packagers. Our manufacturing facility is currently configured to produce up to 50,000 gallons of polish per year (equivalent to 12 million 0.5 oz bottles), needing six months lead time to double that capacity. We are allied with a toll manufacturer who can provide further capacity when needed.
Quality Control

GMP Compliance: Our processes are governed at every step by detailed SOP’s covering:

  • facilities and equipment
  • raw materials and production processes
  • sanitization and maintenance

Industry standards:

  • Use only FD&C-approved colorants
  • All ingredients and manufacturing processes meet global cosmetic requirements
  • All ingredients are INCI listed
  • Quality control procedures insure exact color matches and performance standards

Total focus on high quality and timely deliveries.