Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is your polish better than the other polishes available in the market?
Our polish has no odor, it contains zero toxic ingredients, it contains zero air pollutants, it is biodegradable and it delivers superb performance, all at competitive pricing.

2. Why should I purchase from you?
Because none of our competitors can match our unique qualities of safety, performance and price.

3. Do you offer other products besides nail polish?
No, because we are totally focused on making the best nail polish possible. We do offer these nail polish accessories: a patented basecoat for enhanced adhesion and chip performance, a topcoat for better gloss and scratch resistance and a tailor-made, alcohol- based remover gel.

4. Does your polish wear as well as traditional lacquer polishes?
When the colorcoat is used by itself, wear is nearly equivalent to solvent-based polishes. The basecoat doubles chip resistance and the topcoat enhances scratch resistance, giving our polish a performance equal to or surpassing the best lacquer polishes.

5. Do you offer free samples?
Yes: samples of basecoat, colorcoat, topcoat and remover along with application and removal instructions packaged in a handy traveling case..

6. Do you offer customization?
Yes. We believe it is crucially important that our customers create their own, tailored palette of colors that uniquely reflect their image and marketing style. So one of the first things we do for a new client is help them design their collection of colors from the ground up.

7. Do you offer value added services/bottles/printing?
Yes. We will do whatever is needed to jump-start your new product line and that includes filling and labeling small batches of colors that a customer might need for sampling and test marketing. We can provide generic bottles and labels until the customer has designed, sourced and supplied us with their own unique packaging.

8. How do you ensure that there are no mistakes in mass production?
We run quality control tests during the processing of each batch to ensure that it meets our standards of excellence, particularly those pertaining to application performance and color. Every batch is then sampled to our customer for final approval before shipping.

9. Are you a manufacturing or trading company?
We are a manufacturing company totally focused on serving our private label/white label customers. We do maintain a website ( that we use to pilot and prove new products or new formulation improvements before introducing them to our clients.

10. What are your payment terms?
For new customers we require 50% payment with purchase order, 50% before shipping. All payments ACH bank transfer.

11. What are your shipment terms?
FOB, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

12. What is your minimum order quantity and maximum production capacity?
Our minimum order is one gallon per color, enough to fill out 250 half-ounce bottles. Our manufacturing plant is capable of producing 400 gallons per color per day, equivalent to 100,000 half-ounce bottles. We can double that capacity with six months notice.

12. What are your storage/care instructions/shelf life?
Our polish contains water and so must be protected from freezing temperatures during transportation and warehousing. It will, however, withstand one freeze/thaw cycle should there be any mishaps. Under normal storage conditions where temperature fluctuations are not excessive, the polish will have a shelf-life of one year, exhibiting only minor color separation in some colors that contain glitter.

13. How is my polish packaged?
If you provide us with your own packaging (bottle, cap, brush, label), you will receive the filled and labeled bottles. Alternatively, if you wish to do your own filling/packaging, we will provide the polish in bulk starting with one gallon per color and ranging through 5 gal to 25 gal to 55 gallon containers. Larger orders would be supplied in 200 gallon totes.